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Interview Gerg Anidem from UNIR1.FM

I was recently fortunate enough to interview Gerg Anidem, (Musician, Song Writer, Program Director and D.J.) about his thoughts on music and a brief look at the past, present and future.

Taylor: ‘So what are some of your first memories you relate to music?’

Gerg: ‘mmmm, being eight years old, being in the family church choir, my Mother playing classical music in the house’.  I have memories of tapping pots and pans in the kitchen and driving my Mom crazy. ‘

Taylor: ‘What was the first instrument you really wanted to play?’

Gerg: ‘I wanted to learn the guitar, so my older brother taught me and I played “Puff the Magic Dragon” solo on a classical guitar at my elementary school Christmas show’.

Taylor: ‘Who were your early inspirations and influences?’

Gerg: ‘The Kingston Trio, The Dave Clarke Five, Mozart, Tchaikovsky being the earliest.  I had four older brothers who played a lot of Rock ‘n’ roll.  As I grew up I leaned towards the staples of the 60’s – The Beatles, Animals, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, Simon & Garfunkel.  My first two rock albums were – Houses of Holy by Led Zeplan, Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd.  In my teens growing up in the 70’s, it was a privilege to see the best of rock!’

Taylor: ‘Have you always been involved in the music industry’?

Gerg: ‘I was very involved with lots of different roles in bands and my own song writing until I took some time out to raise a family.  I had a career in IT and then lost my job which has been a blessing in disguise as it was time for me to get back on track’.

Taylor: ‘What did you specifically do to get back on track with your music’?

Gerg: ‘ I started back song writing, getting out and playing my music in café’s and open microphone event’s, and anywhere that would have me, really’.

Taylor: ‘Now you are a Program Director and D.J. with UNIR1 Radio, how did that come about?’

Gerg: ‘I was contacted directly by the President of UNIR1 Radio Scott Price who offered me this opportunity as Program Director  of Empower Radio Network and also DJ my own show Tuesday’s EST 5-7pm on called the “Empower Radio Indie Show”, which has been moved over to our station

Taylor: ‘What is your main role as Program Director and D.J. of the “Empower Radio Indie Show”?’

Gerg: ‘My main role is developing the Empower Radio station and artists for global radio promotion and marketing.  I have fun introducing Indie artists/bands on my weekly radio show at  It’s a way great to promote new talent and it’s a fun show!

Taylor: ‘I believe UNIR1 FM streams at 320Kbps, is this possible?  Sounds hi tech to me?  What’s it all about?

Gerg: ‘Well you know how usually most FM stations on the web stream at 64Kbps or 128Kbps? We stream our stations at 320Kbps, so by having 3 times the bandwidth, the audio sound quality is much better.  We are actually hosted on the “Krykey Global Network” that streams in 320Kbps.

Taylor: ‘So when did the show start and what’s your following like?’

Gerg: ‘The first show was October 3rd 2012 and since inception the station’s Internet rankings have improved over 22.5 million to just over 1.3 million globally!

Taylor: ‘For all of those indie artist’s and bands, what’s on offer?’

Gerg: ‘We invite bands and artists who are independent and not signed to a major record label to submit their music.  They get an interview and their music played on the show, plus their music gets loaded up on regular rotation.  For more details contact me directly via email:

Taylor: ‘Thanks so much for your time Gerg, and we are truly honored here on our MPU Music Blog to chat with you and introduce the “Empower Radio Indie Show” to the world!

So follow Gerg on Facebook, Twitter and get on his awesome new “Empower Radio Indie Show”!


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