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Most bands, when they arrive to our show, they have a sense of urgency. They want to get up on the stage, set up and show what they can do. Not Cities.  Cities, lead by Bobby Oliver, are a group of easy going guys. The kind of dudes you would want to hang out with around a pool table and tell good stories. If you looked at each individual band member you would never guess that they were in a band at all. But put them together and listen to them play you wouldn’t think they did anything but play in a band.

Cities, consists of, Bobby Oliver, lead singer/ acoustic guitar and songwriter; Andrew D’angelo Bottini on bass guitar and the two more laid back members, Fang-Shu Li on guitar and Aaron Wittman on drums.

Cities has a very quick and easy set up as they have a simplistic approach, but when they start playing there isn’t anything simple about this band. They command the stage with their music, which they describe as a ‘mix of alternative rock and acoustic folk rock’.


Bobby is the obvious leader of the band as each song starts off with as if it’s an acoustic solo and then the band member kicks in at just the right moment to fill the stage with engaging songs that make everyone want to learn quickly and sing along.

Taylor Mills interviewed the band between songs and it proved to be lively and entertaining as if you have already met these guys and known them for years. At the time of filming Cities episode the band members have changed a little but the music hasn’t. Check out more of Cities music with this link http://thebandcities.bandcamp.com/

Cities is our final episode of season one on Music Pump Unsigned and what a perfect band end our first season. Cities plays in venues all over Southern California, check out their facebook www.facebook.com/thebandcities?fref=ts  page to see where they’re playing next as they update their status regularly.




2 Responses to “‘Cities’ – The Band”

  1. victoria says:

    fantastic band, brilliant songwriting, cute guys, love ’em

  2. mark says:

    gonna go far great music, great songs

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