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‘New Media’ has made music more accessible to music lovers.  But the internet hasn’t just benefited lovers of music, it has also become useful to musicians in promoting themselves through many facets on the internet.

The sign of the times might eventually be that being ‘Unsigned’ or ‘Without a Label’ is cool or hip.  Bands can be in control of their own destiny, sell songs on-line, via I-tunes or their own websites and let the fans and followers know where live shows are or when new songs are about to be released.

Maybe musicians won’t need a major label to promote themselves as ‘New Media’ is the way of the future with an abundance of opportunity and ability to generate a larger following through shows like ‘Music Pump Unsigned’.

Don’t get me wrong, having a major record label behind any band or solo artist is great. Competition is always fierce and having big or small record label to promote a musician is key to big success. But most musicians today can get an immediate response to their music and can create their own income via the New Media.

Some methods for unsigned bands and solo artists to promote themselves are websites that list their Bio, Photos and Songs.  Plus, they always have their own websites and Facebook page.

But nothing beats just getting out there and playing the ‘music’ at live  venues…… that is of course where new media comes in.  New Media can certainly reach more people than a single gig, and an audience is not limited to a time or venue to see the performance as they simply click at their own leisure.   With this new freedom, your audience now can enjoy and still follow the music.  We are Music Pump Unsigned……. we are the future!

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