An amazing multi-talented vocalist and pianist with a widely versatile sound, Hollis has been playing music since a young child and performing in bands since her early teens. She adapts with incredible ease and ability across genres including pop, rock, electronic, ska, metal, and more. With a deep love for old folk music and classic rock, Hollis’ influences drive her. She has a self-proclaimed “old soul” and on her debut solo album Hollis focuses on combining elements of pop with classic sounds.

Originally from the east coast, Hollis’ father made her play organ at seven years old. Through the piano she was able to perform her favorite classic rock songs and found a passion for performing on stage. In highschool, Hollis performed in the marching band playing trumpet. Combining her love for the horn and rock sounds, she became enamored with No Doubt and Gwen Stefani’s vocals. Playing a variety of instruments over time, Hollis would play at family gathering for her grandparents on the guitar, trumpet, piano, and harmonica.

Driven to continue her talent professionally, Hollis auditioned for the 80s and 90s cover band, Mr. Pink. An East coast touring cover band, Mr. Pink touredPennsylvania,New York,New Jersey,Delaware, andMaryland. After two years touring, Hollis began to branch out with the band and write original material where Mr. Pink eventually became the band ‘Hollis!’

Not just an average vocalist or pianist, Hollis feeds off the audience and the music to release immense energy. In college, while other people partied, Hollis made money for school performing at the parties. While discovering her talents as an incredible front person in school, Hollis had a yearning in her soul to perform on bigger stages. In the early 2000s, with two bachelor’s degrees, radio broadcasting and history, under her metal-studded belt, Hollis relocated to the nearest entertainment mecca to live out her dreams, New York City.

Hollis discovered her style and found a refreshing stage image inNew York City. Performing on the same stages as her idols such as The Bitter End, CBGBs, The Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, Hollis believed she had found a home and a true opportunity to begin to take over the world with her sound. Opening on the east coast for Quiet Riot, Alexa Ray Joel, Brett Scallions and Kevin Miller from Fuel, Peter Cornell, she began to develop her reputation and career. Despite how rapidly Hollis was evolving and persevering, she struggled through a variety of band mates and roadblocks to define her sound, image, and style. While initially finding comparison to a No Doubt style, Hollis had matured her voice and abilities on piano. It soon became apparent thatNew Yorkwas too small for Hollis.

Desiring to conquer greater frontiers, Hollis moved toLos Angelesin June 2010 where she has found a successful home and positive atmosphere to grow and evolve with her own unique sound and style. InL.A., her dreams became ever closer to reality, performing on The Queen Mary opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, at The Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and opening for Tom Morello’s Streetsweeper Social Club at a sold out show at The Roxy alongside Norwood Fisher, legendary Fishbone bassist.

With Norwood Fisher’s incredible bass grooves on several tracks, Hollis’ mesmerizing voice pleasantly soars over a spectrum of genre on her debut album currently in production. Hollis’ stage presence invokes a visceral reaction from the audience with her intensely unique voice pouring from her soul harkening classic 60s icon, Janis Joplin over sweet, soulful music that rocks with contemporary sonic clarity. Through her experience as a musician and most of her life, Hollis’ message is to stay true to yourself. “I admit I partly used to play for the naive typical glamorous rock star desires… like money and fame…  but in time, I realized the real reason is for others to relate, and discover that music can heal and help in the darkest times. It’s in my blood… in my heart and soul and I will never stop no matter how many roadblocks get in my way… I will go around them and perservere” Hollis has vowed to reach out and do her part to get involved with charities to advance music education as well as helping those suffering from depression. Look out for Hollis’ fresh new tracks entitled, “Drive,” “Too Little Too Late, and “Loves to Blame (To Claudius) in the near future.

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