Before the industrious trio had even begun to put a name to their ultimate ambitions, every step took them closer to their goal to form a band that would change their lives forever. What began building and composing many years prior would grow to be a force that music enthusiasts all over the world would grow to love. This force would amplify and take the industry by storm to change music as we know it forever. This force would be known as Stereophire.

Stereophire was conceived in Los Angeles, California in 2011 by Vocalist Cali Wes, Guitarist Eric Alan and Drummer Wheels. Upon forming the band, the guys realized the magnitude of what was to come and promptly began scaling across Southern California and infecting everyone with their unforgettable sound, presence and emotion. The sound that makes its way into the ears and minds of the curious listeners is one that leaves them wanting more, gaining a true fan that will last a lifetime. Stereophire is built on a do-it-yourself work ethic, which each member of Stereophire believes in. The DIY attitude helps Stereophire be one of the most enterprising bands in the industry; this is shown in every aspect of music that they are involved in. Each member has individually spent their professional music career in numerous bands writing, recording, and touring all over the country.

Stereophire unites elements of rock, hip hop and a memorable electro-alternative feel to create a sound that is as unique and unforgettable as its members. Each track is guaranteed to leave the listener to wanting more, combining such a mainstream feel and excitement that music listeners of all types will immediately spark a love for Stereophire.
December 2011 saw the release of their first demo “Underground America” The band spent the entire fall season writing songs that would become their first demo and their live set. Stereophire takes the emotion, energy and charisma that they put into every song and displays it at every live performance.
2012 will show an explosive and prosperous year, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open; Stereophire will be sure to leave a massive impact that will not be forgotten.

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