Music Transforms Our Lives

Each day we wake up and the lucky ones awaken to a sound that they have chosen by way of music on your cell phone alarm.  Does it have an impact on you?  Does your choice of music make you jump out of bed and spring into action ready for the day?  Or is your selection of a more subtle innuendo that slowly lures one eye open at a time and before you know it your eating breakfast?  Then, do you put some music on in the car to drive to work as a morning ritual?  The right song can certainly make you sashay into work all happy and full of enthusiasm…but then again a depressing love ballad can have you wanting to hurl yourself in front of a bus.

So, let’s focus on the feel good effects of music.  In this new age of Yoga and Meditation we can find our own Zen just through listening to music.  And, when I talk about Zen each to his or her own as your Zen could be metal and the dude next door could Zen out on country.  Oh, no, you know whom I am talking about and it drives you crazy.  Sorry, that is another Blog.  But back to that relaxation, transformation theme I initially had in mind.  Music can transform you to even another place, time, space; it lifts your mood to where you want to be.

If you have a treacherous task ahead of you, then it doesn’t seem quite so bad once you turn on some music and let it seep into your while your body goes ahead and scrubs, cleans, operates, dissects etc… and it’s all o.k. because the music has made time and activity bearable.

I enjoy the awareness of music used in TV and Film.  Certain TV shows have their comedy style music that lightens the mood, while others are high drama with music that heightens all senses.  Nothing like a good Horror Movie to make you close your eyes, but wait, you are still terrified….. could it be the music piecing your soul and still making you scream.  Yes, it’s music that does affect our visual experience of the big and little screens even in commercials.

We go to the mall and hear different music in the stores depending on what ambience they wish to create.  Eat out at restaurants who play music to create a certain atmosphere and it some how does transform us.  Even entertaining at home would not be the same without some sort of music playing to welcome guests.

Thanks to our music composers, musicians, singers, producers, sound mixers and everyone else that create these incredible experiences for us.  Where on earth would we all be without Music?  Not existing on this earth in peace and harmony that’s for sure.  Think about it, how does music transform your life?

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  1. Hello. remarkable job. I did not anticipate this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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