Divorce is Final!


Are all band members sealed together in a code of duty like when you sign up to the military?  Does each individual band member pledge to do their best in sickness and in health for all eternity?  Once a band forms is it written in stone or blood?  That was the movies where it’s all fairytales and maybe marital vows sometimes when it’s a ‘match made in heaven’.  But in real life, one often wonders how some bands do stay together for what seems like a lifetime, to mention a few: The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,

What are the secrets of those bands that stay together, go through therapy and work through the issues?  When researched, findings have shown that often especially with successful bands they had their humble beginnings and they still think of themselves as a tight-knit family that bickers a bit, but nothing serious.  Or they describe the band’s relationship similar to any relationship, having good communication and problem solving when needed.

Also, there is less of an option when a band is signed with either publishing and/or record deals, so the band has to stay together and form an alliance if they want to continue on the path of success.  In some cases, band members can be bound contractually for many years and so they have no alternative but to seek harmony as it is a lot more productive for the band to have all members being positive and moving forward to conquer more albums and more tours.

What about ‘the break-up’?  No, not referring to the movie.  Divorce?  Well it does happen, it’s part of reality.  When talking with some people who run rehearsal studios, they often laugh and say ‘it happens every week’!  Really, it’s that easy to be replaced for if you are a member of an upcoming band?  Well, I suppose it is as new photo shoots are scheduled, new songs are written and created and there are so many talent fish (sorry musicians) out there in the market place.  Once divorced from the band, it is blatantly final as it does have to be something on a serious note to cause ‘the break-up’.  Reconciliation is not that common when I asked around, if things didn’t work out in the first place the band would not feel comfortable about inviting that person back.  Often words came up such as: ‘bad vibes’, ‘low energy’, ‘dark energy’, ‘negative forces in the universe’, etc.


Do some bands stay together long term and seemlessly run in harmony?  Or do they agree to disagree and continue merrilly making music along the way?  Apparently, both scenarios are realistic and out there happening every day.  If you have had any similar experiences or different share them with us by adding your comments.  Also, if you disagree with the above also share your thoughts.  May all bands play in perfect harmony from now to eternity!

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