‘Hollis’ – Solo Artist


The very first of our Solo Artist’s arrived effortlessly put together in a bright green dress and feather boa.  ‘Hollis’ was all smiles on set from beginning to end that made working with her a breeze you could say.  Accompanied by just a keyboard and harmonica attached to her own custom made stand, ‘Hollis’ had a definite unique style with her music.  Before she sang her first song “Too Little Too Late” the crew buzzed around her in preparation for her performance.  The music played as if you were listening on the radio, the vocals were crisp and the keyboard and harmonica accompaniment was joyful to listen to.

Our Host Johnnie Oberg had the pleasure of interviewing ‘Hollis’.  The whole interview just played like a nice chat as if they were at a coffee shop as it all ran smooth.  One would think when observing the interview, these two seem to know each other well?  This is possibly attuned to Johnnie Oberg having smooth operator interview skills and ‘Hollis’ being one of those user-friendly musicians.   When you watch the interview with ‘Hollis’ you will learn more about this eclectic songwriter and her plans for the New Year.  According to ‘Hollis’ the world is not ending this year, and it’s going to be one of her biggest yet.

It was a smooth transition from ‘Hollis’s interview to her second song, ‘You’re Kind of Perfect’ which the songwriter shyly admitted was from an associated personal experience.  For the entire cast and crew both performances felt like they were all receiving a private show by an upcoming Solo Artist.  The Director was very impressed by working with ‘Hollis’ on set, she was a consummate professional and patient with the number of takes we wanted during her songs.

We feel very fortunate indeed to have a Solo Artist such as ‘Hollis’ for our first shoot day.  Things could not have gone any smoother and not only was ‘Hollis’ delightful behind-the-scenes, she was engaging on camera as well.  From the team of Music Pump Unsigned we are excited to present to you our first show with this talented Solo Artist, ‘Hollis’.  We hope you enjoy the show………come back and watch as many times as you would like….. ‘Go On….We Dare You!’


4 Responses to “‘Hollis’ – Solo Artist”

  1. James Daza says:

    The show looks great. It has this underground vibe that works for the show’s concept of introducing new music talent. What would be cool is to see the artist in their environment performing a couple of gigs. It would take the viewer on a little adventure as if tehy themselves were the talent scout hitting the clubs/lounges searching for the next star. Overall, not a bad start. The interview was really good. Hope to see more episodes.

    • MP Unsigned says:

      Thank you for this awesome feedback! In the original show ‘Music Pump’ from Australia we used to go the band/artist’s live gigs and shoot some songs, then interview them backstage. Maybe in the next season we may do that again. Look forward to more feedback. ‘Go On….We Dare You!’

  2. Taylor, thank you so much for posting this link on my Facebook wall. I clicked on the link, and was absolutely stunned and delighted by the video! In every possible way!

    Hollis is absolutely terrific. Both the music and the lyrics touched my heart on a deeper level. I really love her work, and am looking forward to seeing more videos and learning more about her work as an artist. I would love to see her go on to big things.

    The production quality of your website video is just absolutely top notch, with the tell tale signs of both professionalism and perfectionism.

    Johnny’s interview with Hollis is terrific. He is animated, enthusiastic and passionate about what he is doing. He is genuine and down to earth, with a warm heart and a sincere presence that draws us into the interview. His questions are thoughtful and make the interview pop with life.

    The video was so good that I watched it twice! Very, very enjoyable! Great work by all involved! So well done!

  3. MP Unsigned says:

    Dear Richard, Thank you for your positive feedback regarding our first Pilot Show! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share with us your experience of the show. There will be another nine shows for this season and we are excited to share all the different bands and artist’s with you! Can’t wait for your comments for the next show….. ‘Go On… We Dare You!’

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