The Song

Do you ever wonder how the end product of a ‘song’ comes about?  Well, after chatting with many musicians about this topic I feel as if there is no set route to this destination.  Maybe, a variety of paths were followed depending on the songwriter?  Or is there some special formula we could follow and presto!  Alright, we asked two questions about the process of creating a song so read on to check it out:

Question 1. What’s the first step in writing a song?

1st Answer:   ‘I’m usually strumming around on my guitar and all of a sudden something clicks.  Then, I try to recreate it, then a few bars turn can then turn into a tune from there.’

2nd Answer:  ‘I usually get a melody in my head, something I want to explore further to with keyboard or guitar.  The main thing is to see if it works and then keep going.’

3rd Answer:  ‘I get an inspiration about a life experience maybe I’m going through a certain experience and want to create a song.  It can be a way of resolving things.’

4th Answer:  ‘There is no set way to write a song, sometimes we are just jamming with the band and a song is born.  Other times, the lead vocalist and myself get together with ideas and it evolves from there.’

5th Answer:   ‘I usually wake up in the middle of the night or some random moment during the day brushing my teeth etc…. and I can hear a melody in my head and sometimes the words jump out once teamed up with the keyboards.’

Question 2.  How do you know if the song works and is the end product?

1st Answer:  ‘Trial and error.  We sometimes work on breaking down the chorus and verses and add a bridge in to blend it all nicely.’

2nd Answer:  ‘I like to test it out on friends and family first before I even think about a song as finished.’

3rd Answer:  ‘Feedback, lot’s of it from people that you know will be honest’, ‘and I mean brutally honest about what they like and don’t like about the song’.

4th Answer:  ‘When all the pieces come together and it just sounds right’.

5th Answer:  ‘Depends on the song, we usually brainstorm as a band, so it can either easily all flow together, ‘it’s always a good feeling at the end to get it right’.


We would love to hear from you if you are a song writer and experience the same or differences in your song writing process?  Tell us what your thoughts are?  Share with us how you make the magic happen?  Or if you just have an interest in music and want to comment on this ‘blog’ feel welcome to contribute.

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