Doug Mattingly – Solo Artist


Doug Mattingly arrived only with his guitar in hand and his passion to perform his songs.  Doug is so friendly and easy going, shuffling him from Make-up to set was a breeze.  In fact some of the crew made the mistake of thinking he had already been in make-up soon after he arrived to the studio, what does that say about Doug? We will let you watch the show and figure out that one.

The interview commenced at a great pace and then we had a few technical difficulties, but Doug laughed it off and composed himself to intelligently answer the questions and have an air of being relaxed, which is always appealing to any viewer.

One of the crew’s favorite questions touched on the fact that Doug Mattingly writes between sixty to a hundred songs per year?  Amazing dedication this guy has to his creative process and this certainly comes across in the interview, not to mention the ‘live’ in studio performance.

For a one-man acoustic performance, Doug is certainly a machine with that guitar.  He also gets deeply immersed in the song during performance and takes on the emotions that accompany each song with conviction.  No matter how many takes we needed to do for our purposes, Doug just loved to play and worked with our crew to create an amazing outcome.  His music was just so easy to listen to with each take we all noticed more about the actual lyrics along with the sound of that great looking guitar.  If you are curious about the lyrics as our crew was, check out Doug’s website: Also, while you are there feel free to click around and see all the albums Doug has completed, plus there’s photo’s, video’s and fan sign up!

And don’t forget, Doug Mattingly also has a Solo Artist Facebook page, so check that out.  So, from all of us at Music Pump Unsigned it was wonderful to have such an accomplished Singer/Songwriter on our show.  Doug was fantastic to work as he is the true professional!  Wishing Doug the best for his next century of songs!


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