The Future of Music


There is a long running Musical in London called ‘We Will Rock You’.  It’s a futuristic journey about life on planet ‘Mall’ that exists with all musical instruments banned.  The music used is a tribute to the band ‘Queen’ and has been running for over ten years. The only way to listen or experience music is via computers that generate tunes and then you can download the tunes.  A world that is controlled to an extent that even the ‘hit’ songs are scheduled to be a success years in advance?

What would that be like to be restricted and controlled over your musical choices and limited to what type of music you can listen to? A safe world maybe is the reason behind this controlled environment or the end of ‘Rock’ as we know it.

Like all great stories, a resistance thrives under the shiny clean city, where only the Bohemians exist.  Yes, a group of Rebels still hold onto a dream of the ‘Golden Age’, a time where people could form bands and perform as solo artists.  And yes, they could even write their own songs.  The Musical refers to that time as ‘The Rhapsody’.  So, are we living in the ‘Golden Age’?  It would appear that way with all this freedom and the ability to write and create all this ‘Rock’ and ‘Pop’, ‘R&B’ etc.



The Bohemian group of rebels hunt down and find instruments that are buried, with one catch of course.  They have to recruit a ‘hero’ to use a magic axe to break the stone to free the instruments.  But, complications arise and this futuristic musical takes you on a journey of fantasy and without spoiling the entire story for you…… does have a happy ending.

Should we start building a resistance of our own in every country in preparation for ‘Globalization’?  No, surely it won’t happen to us in the future, how can they possibly ban musical instruments?  Would the computers really bury them underground in rock?  Are computers going to be that highly intelligent that they could govern the music that we are passionate about?  I don’t think any of us could imagine a planet that has eliminated bands and solo artists………we all have our favorites.  But just in case if we start building a resistance army we can protect our talented bands, solo artists, local guitar stores, guard our favorite bands and solo artists.  Oh no, all of our music is stored on itunes?  Let’s hope it’s safe for now……..


I know, just a bizarre thought inspired by this famous musical ‘We Will Rock You’.  What are your thoughts on the future direction of music?  What would happen to you if computers governed your music choices?

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