‘Monroe’ – The Band


This ‘alternative’, self-described band arrived very keen to get their gear onto the stage in our studio.  The members of the Monroe band were all smiles and professionals every step of the process from performing their songs to the interview with our host Johnnie Oberg.  The interview with Monroe was definitely ‘lively’ with so many interesting topics you have to watch to appreciate.  We wish we had more time to extend the interview with this friendly group of guys.   Looks like we will have to have them back on the show in another season.

Enthusiasm was definitely noted by our crew as well as the passion to play their music tirelessly when we wanted to do all of our sound checks and plan our shots.   They had a good time creating their grooving, funk sound.  Monroe’s music was so easy to listen to ……….and the vocals by Monroe’s lead singer Kelton Blackshear are rich and soulful.

Lawrence Carroll (IV) on guitar and Trevor James on base really rock out to the max and one would observe they kinda get lost in creating their sound also being unique and at the same time blends into the end product of the song executed.  Gabriel Baker drums away with vigor with his own contribution to the ‘easy listening’ overall sound.  Gaia Rhodes is Monroe’s newest member to the band on Keys, although one would never know that when observing the ‘brotherhood’ that they share.  Gaia during performances was so relaxed on his keyboards he just enjoys playing keys and again, we have to say he just makes awesome sounds back there doing his thing.

Hey, if you like the sound of Monroe’s music no need to stop there, go to their website  http://Monroeband.com and check all of their other songs.  You can also purchase their music on itunes.  Plus, on their website you can see where Monroe will be performing next…..usually some of those cool Hollywood venues like The Roxy, Bardot etc.  If you are still craving more Monroe check out their Facebook page where you will find more cool performance photos, gig information and whatever else is happening with this soulful band.

We loved having Monroe on the show!  Our crew grooved along to their music non-stop as I’m sure you will once you watch the show.   Till next show………

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