Decades removed from the punk ethos of its own blank generation rebellion.

Nude‘s new album “FEARLESS GENERATION” brings the stark reality of todays burning youth to the forefront by way of stark minimalist and overdriven synthesized┬ámelodies, that are fused with an addictive pronto-organic rhythm section.

This is done without the whiney doom & gloom overkill themes of previous post punk generations town criers (ie. Depeche Mode, OMD, etc.). The best example of their survivalist generations focal point is that this stunning release was written, arranged, produced and mixed by the group itself.

With Tony Karlsson (Guitar and Vocals, Sweden), Bobby Amaro (Drums, Mexico) and Dave Mattera (Bass, Rhode Island) they run their headquarters here in La Habra, California.

The primary influence of Nude is one of Alternative Rock, but one that has been progressively integrated with the remnants of Electronica, Indie Rock, Sonic Metal and a hint of neo-classic punk left from those generations gone past. (think The Stranglers with their arpeggiated keyboards)

In challenging the industry with backs against the wall, the band has garnered street credibility by way of their culturally diverse fan support all over the world:

4.3 million plays and over 150 000 friends on Myspace, and their new Facebook page with over 13000 fans. The group has toured the world with focus in Mexico, Japan and Scandinavia.

With each pass of a Fearless Generation, at least one of every previous generations listeners will find more than one of the varying themes relevant to their own.

And there lies the beauty, pathos and determination of Nude and their own generation in exploring and defining their own destiny.

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