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The ‘Nude’ trio Bobby, Tony and Dave arrived at our studio in a fearless fury of energy!   They were cool about getting powdered up for camera and they allowed our make-up artist to play a bit in preparation for their first performance.  Talk about a friendly, fun and grounded group of guys!  They really were entertaining right from the start with their presence…….. not to mention the level of professionalism simultaneously the entire duration.

Don’t let this cool looking band deceive you.  They are very generous with their time to the kiddy generation of music enthusiasts as ‘Nude’ are involved in local school music programs, in fact sometimes they are the creator’s of the music programs in schools.  Plus, they love to teach music to the younger generation and many students on a regular basis soon to be future musicians.  We had many chats about their passion for helping and being involved with children in developing and coaching them for success.

We loved interviewing ‘Nude’ as you will see from the interview they are funny and engaging to say the least.  How incredible that this band has toured around the world and we had them in our studio!  They loved the interview almost as much as the performance as they are always open to chat about their music and experiences in creating their sound which has been influenced by a punk/rock generation.  It was difficult to cut down their interview as our editor thought there was so much great stuff ‘Nude’ talked about.

Lead Vocals by Swedish Tony Karlson give the band a unique flavor.  Joined by Bobby Amaro on Drums and background vocals, who is a powerful and skillful Drummer.  Plus the third newer band member Dave Mattera on Bass Guitar who totally gets consumed in his guitar rifts that are melodic and add an important essence to their songs.  For a full bio, and more photos check out our ‘Talent’ page.

If you want to find out more about ‘Nude’ they are on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nude and you can track them down via the Music Pump Unsigned Facebook page and on their official website http://www.rock.com/nude  

5 Responses to “‘Nude’ – The Band”

  1. Anthony Mattera says:

    Outstanding show i loved it.

  2. Jonathan Flores says:

    these guys are awesome! epic ending

  3. Johnnie Oberg says:

    Man, awesome sound. Love that they’re going to Sweden. Going to be with my people! Great interview Taylor! Fantastic choice.

  4. Hector Quevedo says:

    Fun music!!!

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