‘I Killed the Symphony’ – The Band


The ‘I Killed The Symphony’ band arrived make-up ready being the theatrical performers all in their own characters.  They arrived not only with music equipment like any other band but also with props like candles, smoke machine and their own lights as they consider themselves to be a Rock Opera.  Our crew couldn’t wait to get started on the first song ‘Alive’!   The preparation of setting up for their first song was reminiscent of a rock concert……they were methodical and organized.

The bands powerful Lead Vocalist is known as ‘Kiddo’ who fearlessly struts around the stage in her own fashionista style, sporting spiky pumps, wristbands and skin tight outfits.   Noted in the rest of the bands attire is the abundant use of leather as a preferred signature to their look.  Guitarist’s  ‘Devon’ and ‘Eric’ strum away an abundance of energy and attack, while ‘Jared’ meanwhile likes to lick the arm of his Base Guitar during performance…….check it out!  Jonny on Drums is back there pounding away creating the beats.


Notice the change of wardrobe from one song to the next, this is the type of detail the band members are prepared to go in order to deliver a complete experience for all of you music fans.  ‘I Killed The Symphony’ had an infectious, energetic sound to their music, which made it impossible for crew to stand still!  No way to fight feet tapping and bodies moving with this band and lyrics crystal clear made to sing-a-long J

Be sure to check out the ‘I Killed The Symphony’ photos on Music Pump Unsigned’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-Pump-Unsigned  you will see how amazing some of the still photographer shots are of this band. Check out ‘I Killed The Symphony’ on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ikilledthesymphony  and you can also follow them on Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/IKSmusic  They are touring around, so be sure to get to one of their live performances, it’s definitely a must if you love their music!

3 Responses to “‘I Killed the Symphony’ – The Band”

  1. Lisa Franks says:

    Thank you all so much ! We love you all and it was a great experience being on your show !

  2. Johnnie Oberg says:

    Liked these guys immediately after meeting them. Awesome talented people, incredible, catchy music. It was a pleasure to hang and interview you all. Thanks for making the end of the season so memorable. Kiddo, Jared, Jonny, Eric and Devon, hope to see you soon at Boardners or somewhere close by.

  3. Jess says:

    holy hell. i love their music! and she is soooo pretty!!

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