‘The Rift’ – The Band


The members of ‘The Rift’ arrived and immediately got busy getting preparing for the shoot day ahead by unloading equipment first and then shuffling through make-up.  All the crew were excited to meet all the members of  ‘The Rift’, especially our Director, Matt Bartona who enjoys rock alternative styles of music.  This band is no fuss and no problem as they quickly set up for their first song and perform necessary sound checks.

Meanwhile, our Director of Photography Gintaras Korsakas does one last check on lighting while ‘The Rift’ do a quick rehearsal.  The crew captures the first take of ‘Stand-Up’ song no. 1 and all is going smoothly thanks to the preparation from ‘The Rift’.  Vocals by Aris Anagnos are rich and it denotes a unique sound for the band only complemented by Lead Guitarist Tesh Hatharasinghe also providing backing vocals, Bass Guitar with Matt Melamed and Drums by John Anagnos.


The Rift’s music is easy listening as our crew discovered, totally enjoying their performances live in studio.  Song no. 2 ‘Seven’ started up for a quick rehearsal and it was tough to decide which one was our favorite as both songs when you watch the show are fantastic.  The performance by ‘The Rift’ is energetic and full of conviction as this band gives it their all.


It was truly a pleasure to have ‘The Rift’ on Music Pump Unsigned, they are a talented young band that is creating their own sound and building a following of fans along the way.


You can find ‘The Rift’ on Facebook with their new EP Digital Album available, plus you can always visit their own website: http://theriftmusic.bandcamp.com




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