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Niki Saletta arrived with Scott Welch to accompany her on guitar and her Manager Caryn Moss in tow, plus a few other members of her entourage.  It was an easy set up for Niki Saletta being a solo artist.  In fact Niki arrived hair and make-up ready so less time spent on primping allowed for more time with sound checks.  And of course our Hair and Make-up team did some touch-ups for Niki once she was on stage.  The color of Niki’s outfit was just amazing and I think you will agree she looked awesome on the show!

All went pretty smoothly for both of Niki’s songs, it was really tough to choose a favorite out of ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ and ‘I’m Alright’!  It’s up to you the viewers to choose which one appeals to you most…….. we loved them both.  It is amazing to hear this acoustic version of Niki’s music as she has such a big voice it resonates in the studio and really fills the room.  Just wanted to mention that as Niki also performs with a full band and we really have to say she commands the stage belting out those vocals accompanied by Scott Welch on guitar.

We did have a few technical hiccups during the interview by our very own Johnnie Oberg, who entertained Niki….. or was that visa versa?  Well, anyway as you will see for yourself the interview was lively and ended up being lots of fun. One of the topics raised during the interview were which does Niki like the best out of Acting or Music?  She chose music of course as being her no. 1 choice, even though she also loves to act.

The crew enjoyed having Niki on set and it was an awesome day all round as she was easy to work with and particularly camera savvy.  Check out Niki Saletta play perform two of her original songs accompanied by Scott Welch and enjoy the interview and find out about the Singer/Actress who lives here in Los Angeles.  Thank you to her Manager Caryn Moss for organizing to have Niki on the show.  Niki also has a Facebook page a website:  so you can continue to follow her music.  Let us know here at Music Pump Unsigned your feedback about the show?

One Response to “Niki Saletta – Solo Artist”

  1. Johnnie Oberg says:

    Fun interview with an ultra-talented singer/songwriter/actress! Pick your threat, Niki has you covered…be sure to visit her website!

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