Our Team in Front of the Camera



Johnnie Oberg – Host

Johnnie Oberg is an actor from Northern California.  Johnnie’s ethics of hard work and dedication to his craft are exceeded, perhaps, only by the diverse collection of skills and abilities he can bring to a role. These include a solid background in commedia del arte, melodrama, musical theatre, clownwork, puppetry, pantomime, and improvisation with extensive studies in everything from Shakespeare to the avant garde.

Although Johnnie’s talents were clear through his early years, it was at Westmont College that he really started to distinguish himself. Not only was his ability recognized by the directors he worked under but also by professional critics.

You can see him most recently in the horror thriller, “Furnace”, with Tom Sizemore, Michael Pare, Ja Rule and Danny Trejo. He has done traveling theater to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and enjoys watching movies and playing a little guitar.

Also in a long running Rogaine campaign, but he is not bald.  Yet.  He is very excited about this opportunity to meet tomorrow’s music stars.



Lorenzo Leonard – Host

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Lorenzo has dreamed his whole life of being in the entertainment business! His talent was seen early on doing theater in grade school which lead him to being accepted into “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts”.

His journey towards a movie career finally began on January 12, 2000, when he moved to Hollywood, California. Over the next several years, he starred in numerous student films, short films and independent films.  In 2006 he began writing and wrote a thirty minute short which premiered at Raleigh Studios to great reviews.

To date Lorenzo Leonard has starred in an International Commercial, Independent Films, Music Videos and direct to video films and now can be seen hosting an awesome weekly music entertainment show.