Gerg Anidem


Interview Gerg Anidem from UNIR1.FM

I was recently fortunate enough to interview Gerg Anidem, (Musician, Song Writer, Program Director and D.J.) about his thoughts on music and a brief look at the past, present and future.

Taylor: ‘So what are some of your first memories you relate to music?’

Gerg: ‘mmmm, being eight years old, being in the family church choir, my Mother playing classical music in the house’.  I have memories of tapping pots and pans in the kitchen and driving my Mom crazy. ‘

Taylor: ‘What was the first instrument you really wanted to play?’

Gerg: ‘I wanted to learn the guitar, so my older brother taught me and I played “Puff the Magic Dragon” solo on a classical guitar at my elementary school Christmas show’.

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The Future of Music


There is a long running Musical in London called ‘We Will Rock You’.  It’s a futuristic journey about life on planet ‘Mall’ that exists with all musical instruments banned.  The music used is a tribute to the band ‘Queen’ and has been running for over ten years. The only way to listen or experience music is via computers that generate tunes and then you can download the tunes.  A world that is controlled to an extent that even the ‘hit’ songs are scheduled to be a success years in advance?

What would that be like to be restricted and controlled over your musical choices and limited to what type of music you can listen to? A safe world maybe is the reason behind this controlled environment or the end of ‘Rock’ as we know it.

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The Song

Do you ever wonder how the end product of a ‘song’ comes about?  Well, after chatting with many musicians about this topic I feel as if there is no set route to this destination.  Maybe, a variety of paths were followed depending on the songwriter?  Or is there some special formula we could follow and presto!  Alright, we asked two questions about the process of creating a song so read on to check it out:

Question 1. What’s the first step in writing a song?

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Divorce is Final!


Are all band members sealed together in a code of duty like when you sign up to the military?  Does each individual band member pledge to do their best in sickness and in health for all eternity?  Once a band forms is it written in stone or blood?  That was the movies where it’s all fairytales and maybe marital vows sometimes when it’s a ‘match made in heaven’.  But in real life, one often wonders how some bands do stay together for what seems like a lifetime, to mention a few: The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,

What are the secrets of those bands that stay together, go through therapy and work through the issues?  When researched, findings have shown that often especially with successful bands they had their humble beginnings and they still think of themselves as a tight-knit family that bickers a bit, but nothing serious.  Or they describe the band’s relationship similar to any relationship, having good communication and problem solving when needed.

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Music Transforms Our Lives

Each day we wake up and the lucky ones awaken to a sound that they have chosen by way of music on your cell phone alarm.  Does it have an impact on you?  Does your choice of music make you jump out of bed and spring into action ready for the day?  Or is your selection of a more subtle innuendo that slowly lures one eye open at a time and before you know it your eating breakfast?  Then, do you put some music on in the car to drive to work as a morning ritual?  The right song can certainly make you sashay into work all happy and full of enthusiasm…but then again a depressing love ballad can have you wanting to hurl yourself in front of a bus.

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New Media


‘New Media’ has made music more accessible to music lovers.  But the internet hasn’t just benefited lovers of music, it has also become useful to musicians in promoting themselves through many facets on the internet.

The sign of the times might eventually be that being ‘Unsigned’ or ‘Without a Label’ is cool or hip.  Bands can be in control of their own destiny, sell songs on-line, via I-tunes or their own websites and let the fans and followers know where live shows are or when new songs are about to be released.

Maybe musicians won’t need a major label to promote themselves as ‘New Media’ is the way of the future with an abundance of opportunity and ability to generate a larger following through shows like ‘Music Pump Unsigned’.

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