Fight Friendly


With the hopes of prolonging a surreal existence, songwriter Alex McCoy relocated from South Carolina’s piedmont to the eerie streets of East Hollywood. The motive: create an indie ensemble based off of his motto, “no genres”. From a youth of mainstream country, to an adolescence of alternative, from a teenage obsession of hip-hop to college days of trading bootleg jamband shows, McCoy pays diverse homage to the many influences that inspire his eclectic creations.

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Since forming in early 2011, Cities has been a band with one clear purpose – to make good music. Based out of Pasadena, CA, the band draws from a wide variety of musical experiences and the result is a refreshing mix of alternative rock and acoustic folk rock.

Lead singer and songwriter, Robert Oliver (Modesto/Redding, California), has been writing music since the age of the 13 and credits Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional as the reason he picked up a guitar.

He is backed by the vocal harmonies of lead guitarist Andrew Moore (New Brunswick, Canada), who cites his main influences as Matt Thiessen, Project 86, and U2.

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Niki Saletta


Honored to have continuous interest & opportunity’s Niki is frequently sought by our industries most respected ones such as Rodney Jerkins, 3x Grammy winner & Senior VP Island/Def Jam “The Dream” Akon, & Randy Jackson.

Niki has worked with or for some of the biggest names in both industries. Steven Spielberg, Aaron Spelling, Debbie Allen, Stephen J. Cannell, & Dennis Miller to name a few.

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The Rift


Initially forming in 2003 as Aces High the band consisted of two sets of brothers. The band has performed at venues throughout the greater Los Angeles area, won two local awards, and is on the upswing. Aces High debuted in 2007 with a self titled album released independently with the help of Seedless Records.

Several of the bands songs had some major chart success on internet charting sites, most notably based out of Australia. The song “Shades of Grey” stayed number 1 on the power pop chart for thirteen weeks straight.

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I Killed The Symphony


In a place where fashion is as fierce as the competition, and where blinding stage lights can crush even the brightest stars, I Killed The Symphony has launched itself into the limelight of the Los Angeles music scene.

Pulling influences from the city’s rich cinematic and musical history, Kiddo and her four counterparts have begun to merge the precision of theater with the passion of rock and roll. With a 6 song debut EP in circulation, and an international tour under their belts, the quintet shows no sign of slowing it’s momentum. Look for them on tour in the U.S. and abroad, as 2012 begins to unfold as an incredible year for IKS.

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Decades removed from the punk ethos of its own blank generation rebellion.

Nude‘s new album “FEARLESS GENERATION” brings the stark reality of todays burning youth to the forefront by way of stark minimalist and overdriven synthesized melodies, that are fused with an addictive pronto-organic rhythm section.

This is done without the whiney doom & gloom overkill themes of previous post punk generations town criers (ie. Depeche Mode, OMD, etc.). The best example of their survivalist generations focal point is that this stunning release was written, arranged, produced and mixed by the group itself.

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Mixing the heartfelt grooves of funk and hip hop into a foundation of alternative rock, Southern California band Monroe creates a sound uniquely their own, one that defies an easy pigeonhole. Recently, the group beat out nearly 100 other musical competitors to win the 2012 Artist of the Year Award from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), not only offering them radio play but also the opportunity to record their second EP, titled “Monroe”.

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Doug Mattingly


Composer, lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, bassist – in music, Doug Mattingly leaves nothing uncovered in his quest to discover the sounds and words that touch his listeners. With insightful lyrics and a sound built from a wide variety of styles, this multi-talented musician’s unique singing voice and diverse musical background have already gained him a loyal following.

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Before the industrious trio had even begun to put a name to their ultimate ambitions, every step took them closer to their goal to form a band that would change their lives forever. What began building and composing many years prior would grow to be a force that music enthusiasts all over the world would grow to love. This force would amplify and take the industry by storm to change music as we know it forever. This force would be known as Stereophire.

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An amazing multi-talented vocalist and pianist with a widely versatile sound, Hollis has been playing music since a young child and performing in bands since her early teens. She adapts with incredible ease and ability across genres including pop, rock, electronic, ska, metal, and more. With a deep love for old folk music and classic rock, Hollis’ influences drive her. She has a self-proclaimed “old soul” and on her debut solo album Hollis focuses on combining elements of pop with classic sounds.

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