‘Cities’ – The Band


Most bands, when they arrive to our show, they have a sense of urgency. They want to get up on the stage, set up and show what they can do. Not Cities.  Cities, lead by Bobby Oliver, are a group of easy going guys. The kind of dudes you would want to hang out with around a pool table and tell good stories. If you looked at each individual band member you would never guess that they were in a band at all. But put them together and listen to them play you wouldn’t think they did anything but play in a band.

Cities, consists of, Bobby Oliver, lead singer/ acoustic guitar and songwriter; Andrew D’angelo Bottini on bass guitar and the two more laid back members, Fang-Shu Li on guitar and Aaron Wittman on drums.

Cities has a very quick and easy set up as they have a simplistic approach, but when they start playing there isn’t anything simple about this band. They command the stage with their music, which they describe as a ‘mix of alternative rock and acoustic folk rock’.

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Niki Saletta – Solo Artist


Niki Saletta arrived with Scott Welch to accompany her on guitar and her Manager Caryn Moss in tow, plus a few other members of her entourage.  It was an easy set up for Niki Saletta being a solo artist.  In fact Niki arrived hair and make-up ready so less time spent on primping allowed for more time with sound checks.  And of course our Hair and Make-up team did some touch-ups for Niki once she was on stage.  The color of Niki’s outfit was just amazing and I think you will agree she looked awesome on the show!

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‘The Rift’ – The Band


The members of ‘The Rift’ arrived and immediately got busy getting preparing for the shoot day ahead by unloading equipment first and then shuffling through make-up.  All the crew were excited to meet all the members of  ‘The Rift’, especially our Director, Matt Bartona who enjoys rock alternative styles of music.  This band is no fuss and no problem as they quickly set up for their first song and perform necessary sound checks.

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‘I Killed the Symphony’ – The Band


The ‘I Killed The Symphony’ band arrived make-up ready being the theatrical performers all in their own characters.  They arrived not only with music equipment like any other band but also with props like candles, smoke machine and their own lights as they consider themselves to be a Rock Opera.  Our crew couldn’t wait to get started on the first song ‘Alive’!   The preparation of setting up for their first song was reminiscent of a rock concert……they were methodical and organized.

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‘Nude’ – The Band


The ‘Nude’ trio Bobby, Tony and Dave arrived at our studio in a fearless fury of energy!   They were cool about getting powdered up for camera and they allowed our make-up artist to play a bit in preparation for their first performance.  Talk about a friendly, fun and grounded group of guys!  They really were entertaining right from the start with their presence…….. not to mention the level of professionalism simultaneously the entire duration.

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‘Monroe’ – The Band


This ‘alternative’, self-described band arrived very keen to get their gear onto the stage in our studio.  The members of the Monroe band were all smiles and professionals every step of the process from performing their songs to the interview with our host Johnnie Oberg.  The interview with Monroe was definitely ‘lively’ with so many interesting topics you have to watch to appreciate.  We wish we had more time to extend the interview with this friendly group of guys.   Looks like we will have to have them back on the show in another season.

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Doug Mattingly – Solo Artist


Doug Mattingly arrived only with his guitar in hand and his passion to perform his songs.  Doug is so friendly and easy going, shuffling him from Make-up to set was a breeze.  In fact some of the crew made the mistake of thinking he had already been in make-up soon after he arrived to the studio, what does that say about Doug? We will let you watch the show and figure out that one.

The interview commenced at a great pace and then we had a few technical difficulties, but Doug laughed it off and composed himself to intelligently answer the questions and have an air of being relaxed, which is always appealing to any viewer.

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‘Hollis’ – Solo Artist


The very first of our Solo Artist’s arrived effortlessly put together in a bright green dress and feather boa.  ‘Hollis’ was all smiles on set from beginning to end that made working with her a breeze you could say.  Accompanied by just a keyboard and harmonica attached to her own custom made stand, ‘Hollis’ had a definite unique style with her music.  Before she sang her first song “Too Little Too Late” the crew buzzed around her in preparation for her performance.  The music played as if you were listening on the radio, the vocals were crisp and the keyboard and harmonica accompaniment was joyful to listen to.

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